Stories build a bridge
into your customer's world


Crossing the great divide

Your customers are worlds apart from your business.

The distance between you and those you need to reach is your story.

It’s the bridge from what is, to what could be.

Telling your story will connect you with your audience.

Listening to their stories will connect them to you.

“Successful brands – individuals and companies – see themselves as storytellers first.  They go to where their audiences are living their lives and, once there, create authentic, personal, and passionate stories that are tailored to fit the way their audiences consume content.” Carmine Gallo, The Storytellers Secret.



How I help you build stories

Story Finding

Videos that inspire

Words that persuade

There are stories everywhere in and around your business. And there are stories that your customers’ tell themselves. These two worlds must meet for the magic to happen.

A well-told story in a beautifully crafted video is a powerful sales and marketing tool. Visual storytelling triggers emotions that lead to action.

The web is still a web of words. The stories you tell on your website will build trust and grow relationships. They can be repurposed throughout your marketing materials.

Story Finding

Finding stories you want your customer to buy into is a creative process of identifying a common truth between what you offer and what they want. That truth is the bridge. When you clothe it in a story you show them a way of dealing with the conflicts in their world.

Stories in your business are everywhere: the founders; the team; the community; the ups and downs; the antagonists; customers’ experiences; and sometimes in the most unlikely places.

Your customers have their own stories.

Identifying with their personal struggles, and demonstrating how you can help resolve them, positions you as a trusted guide and mentor. It’s a big responsibility to live up to, but it’s why you’re in business.



Videos that inspire

Video is the most effective human-to-human storytelling tool.

There’s an art in the craft that triggers emotions and inspires action.

It’s much more than a sale pitch. It gets to the heart of the viewer’s needs and ignites feelings that can’t be ignored.

In a typical story arc, you begin by hooking the viewer with a problem that resonates. Then you take them on a journey with the main character who is struggling to overcome the problem. When it is successfully resolved in the final act, the viewer is left with a message or lesson that is meaningful to them. They are more open to taking the action you invited or recommend.

An audience will see something of themselves in the stories you share. That connection is where the magic happens.

“Nothing builds a brand like emotion, and nothing drive emotion like video.” Mark Howe, Managing Director for EMEA agencies for Google.



Words that Persuade

The web is still a web of words. 

Having stories on your web pages and in your content marketing is a rewarding strategy.

You’ll inspire and persuade by stirring the hearts and engaging the minds of your audience.

Your stories will help customers understand your values. A strong bond is created that can’t be easilybroken by your competitors.

Potential customers will see themselves in the stories of your happy customers, and will want to jointhe community.

Business, like life, is all about how you make people feel. 

“In business, aim for the heart – that’s where the hits are.” Peter Guber, Executive Producer, and Entrepreneur. Chairman of Mandalay Entertainment.



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