38: Hipster Investments?? Owner Ali Boone shares her story

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28th July 2018
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28th July 2018

38: Hipster Investments?? Owner Ali Boone shares her story…

Ali is the owner of Hipster Investments, a business that facilitated over $18 Million in Real Estate Investing Sales within 5 years. She has written over 170 articles for the Bigger Pockets blog. She’s been featured in Fox Business and Motley Fool. She’s been on the Best Real Estate Investing Advice Ever Podcast show, Turnkey Investing Podcast show, The Greatest Investors Podcast show, The Rental Income Podcast show and over 20 other podcasts. Her primary specialty is teaching people how to start a business with lifestyle design. Even as large as her business has grown, she is still completely location-independent.

Reach out to Ali @ ali@hipsterinvestments.com

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